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IRS Representation

Even if you file your taxes, there is a high chance that the IRS will email you or deliver a letter informing you about the IRS audit. Although it is not something to be afraid of, mishandling IRS audits can still become a huge problem. However, an IRS representation can be the best solution to reduce your taxes. All you need to do is hire Abraham & Rose for your IRS Representation and wait for the best possible outcome! To understand the IRS Representation further and why you need it, let’s waste no time and understand the IRS, what they do, and how the representation works.

What Is The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?

The IRS is the revenue service of the United States federal government responsible for administering and enforcing the country’s tax laws. Created in 1862, the IRS operates under the authority of the Department of the Treasury. It has to collect taxes and ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code, which encompasses a complex set of regulations governing income taxes, corporate taxes, estate taxes, and excise taxes.

As of today, the IRS has employed more than 80,000 people and has an annual budget of over $11 Billion. Their headquarters are in Washington, DC, with offices throughout the country.

IRS Representation and Why You Need It?

IRS representation refers to the assistance and advocacy provided by tax professionals to individuals or businesses facing an audit or any other tax-related issues with the IRS.

When confronted with an IRS audit or examination, securing qualified IRS representation becomes crucial. Taxpayers can seek representation from Enrolled Agents or tax attorneys at Abraham & Rose. We possess in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations and are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Though it is possible for you to appear as your tax representative, remember that IRS representation involves a comprehensive approach. We will help you prepare the necessary documentation for the audit and guide you throughout the communication process with the IRS.

Moreover, before appearing as the taxpayer’s representative, we thoroughly examine the taxpayer’s financial records and tax filings to make strong arguments on their behalf and ensure fair treatment during the process with no rights violations at all.

What is The Process Of An IRS Representation?

The IRS Audit process commences when your tax filing has been flagged for examination. Understanding these steps is important to ensure the highest possibility of a successful outcome.

Usually, a tax filing is selected by the IRS for an audit. Upon this selection, an Audit Notice is mailed out to you.

  • Upon receiving this notice, you need to respond with your choice of an audit via mail or in person.
  • The notice will contain IRS requests for certain documents or data not part of your initial filing. Collect and organize these carefully.
  • Whether you choose an audit by mail or an in-person review, next you will schedule this encounter or send the additional documents to the IRS.
  • The IRS then reviews your provided materials or meets with you for the audit. This process culminates in judgment.
  • After the judgment, you can contest it if you believe it is unjustified. The appeal process can be navigated with professional advice.

Hiring professionals for the IRS Representation has tons of benefits. These include getting expert guidance, saving your time, and, most importantly, getting the best results.

Here are some benefits you can get by hiring a professional IRS representative.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals for IRS Representation

Expert Guidance:

The best benefit of hiring IRS representatives specializing in tax law or related fields is having a person with solid information on tax systems, IRS procedures, and tax legislation. They can explain the process, guide you with required documents, and handle communication with the IRS. The expert guidance saves you from guessing games and potentially damaging missteps.


Responding to an audit and gathering all necessary documentation can be time-consuming.

A professional representative is familiar with the process and can gather and organize the necessary documentation more efficiently. They handle the interaction with the IRS, thereby freeing up your time.

Reducing Stress:

No Doubt, Tax audits can be stressful. The threat of losing your assets with a single mistake can even raise the chances of more blunders.

However, having a dedicated representative eliminates significant stress. At Abraham & Rose, we will manage the audit process, assure accurate compliance, and eliminate any fears regarding bad outcomes. You can rest assured knowing your tax matters are handled professionally.

Negotiation of Settlements:

If debts are owed to the IRS, a professional representative knowledgeable of tax-relief options can negotiate settlements on your behalf.

We can help to reduce penalties, establish an installment agreement, offer a compromise, or even prevent the seizure of assets, all while protecting your rights.

Prevention of Future Issues:

Another benefit that can’t be overlooked is the preventative guidance offered by an IRS representative. By reviewing your financial matters comprehensively, we point out potential red flags that might prompt future audits and provide advice on how to address them. Through proper guidance, you’ll also better understand the tax system and learn strategies to minimize liabilities in future filings.

What Are The Possible Expected Outcomes of an IRS Audit?

At some point during the IRS audit investigation, a judgment will be reached specifically for your case, leading to three typical outcomes.

The first scenario results in a straightforward and favorable outcome. The audit concludes without changing the taxes you have filed, paid, or owe. The IRS is satisfied with the accuracy and compliance of your financial records and does not require any adjustments to your personal taxes. This is an ideal situation, as it validates the integrity of your tax filings and ensures no further action is needed.

In the second scenario, the audit process also concludes with a judgment you agree with. In such cases, you can readily accept the findings as they are and move forward without any concerns.

However, the third scenario presents a situation where you receive a judgment that you disagree with. In such cases, you have options for recourse. You can file an appeal seeking a review and reconsideration of the audit findings. It’s essential to have a qualified representative who can provide guidance and assistance throughout the appeal process.

Get Tax Representation From Abraham & Rose

No matter how difficult and complicated your audit is, having professionals by your side always gives you a chance for a successful outcome. Throughout the decade, Experts at Abraham & Rose have dealt with many similar cases, always providing clients with positive results.

We understand the audit, collect the necessary documentation and attend the meeting on your behalf. After hiring us, you just need to sit back, relax and wait for the best outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IRS representation process typically begins with an initial consultation between you and the representative. During this meeting, the representative will gather pertinent information about your tax situation, including any ongoing IRS audits or tax issues.


They will review your financial records, tax returns, and related documents to understand the scope and complexity of your case. Based on this assessment, the representative will develop a strategy to address the IRS’s concerns and work toward the most favorable resolution.

Yes, an IRS representative can play a crucial role in stopping or preventing certain collection actions initiated by the IRS. If you have fallen behind on your tax payments or failed to file tax returns, the IRS may employ various collection actions, such as bank levies, wage garnishments, and property seizures, to recoup the owed taxes.


A representative can intervene on your behalf to negotiate with the IRS, explaining your financial situation and proposing an appropriate resolution plan.

The IRS allows certain licensed professionals to represent taxpayers in front of the agency. These professionals include tax attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), and enrolled agents (EAs). Enrolled agents are particularly qualified as they have passed a comprehensive exam administered by the IRS, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of tax law and procedures.

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