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We Resolve Tax Problems Saving Our Clients Millions of Dollars and Headaches

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Being in major debt and owing the IRS money can create various problems, including stress and other issues. If you find yourself in this situation and have tax problems, talk to us before you talk to the IRS. Abraham & Rose P.L.C. offers a free initial consultation and has saved our clients millions of dollars.

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The overwhelming majority of the millions of delinquent taxpayers in the US are neither tax protestors nor right-wing militia members. These taxpayers are merely hard-working Americans who have fallen behind in their tax payments and are simply unable to get caught up. As a result, they now face a long-term battle against the world’s most powerful civil law enforcement agency. If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to Abraham & Rose P.L.C. at 248-539-5040

Such individuals should not allow the levy on their income or the seizure of their assets without first considering other available options.

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At Abraham & Rose P.L.C., our tax attorneys specialize in representing delinquent taxpayers before the IRS. We can help you by negotiating Offers-in-Compromise, IRS settlements, or sophisticated bankruptcies for all types of taxes.


The attorneys at Abraham & Rose P.L.C. have extensive experience in the areas of IRS settlements. Contrary to popular myths, tax debts can frequently be settled for a fraction of their size or wholly discharged in bankruptcy.

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Contact our attorneys for a free initial consultation. Unlike other tax advisors, our firm prides itself on its ability to furnish direct contact between attorney and client throughout the entire process.

If taxing authorities are complicating your life, please give us a call at 248-539-5040.

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We Resolve Tax Problems Saving Our Clients Millions of Dollars and Headaches.